I Am Enough

It’s another beautiful day at Daughter of Day! God is bringing new awareness to the possibilities and ways we can help our clients excel in their endeavors.

The question that most of my clients are facing or have asked at some point in their lives is, “AM I Enough?” They ponder if they have what it takes to accomplish what God has placed within them. It’s the dream that they see when they are awake and what causes them to toss and turn at night. They know without a doubt that they are created for more. How can they create what the envision knowing that there is not more time in the day? They must learn to manage what they have been given with efficiency, all while feeling a new level of empowerment.

How many times have you settled for an experience that you know was unfulfilling? Are you tired of settling for a life that you are not creating but surviving? It is time to invest in yourself and move past a day to day humdrum life. It’s time to sharpen your skills to move from dull to excitement.

I am called to speak to the sleeping giant-ess within you. There is greatness that you have not unwrapped because you are still focusing on the past. You can’t see the gifts you possess for focusing on the pain you’ve endured. What was missing in life and what you did not receive from certain people in your life has kept you in a place of reminiscing and desiring. As we move into 2021, this is the year of attaining, grabbing, and walking in the fullness God has for you. This is the time to gain clarity. I want you to see better with the right perspective. Perspective will put the puzzle pieces of your life together and create the picture God has been trying to get you to see.

All of this can happen in coaching with me. Encouragement Coaching encompasses many facets and I help you to pinpoint exactly what you need at this time. All it requires is readiness and investment. I am ready, are you? 

You’ve Been Approved, You Must Arrive


Dear Daughters of Day,

I want to remind you that you do not need the justification of man. You have already been justified by your Father in heaven. He has approved the plans He has for you and they will prosper. Some of you may be stepping out into a new arena. Yes, there will be critics and doubters but do not be dismayed. Criticism and doubt proceed women who are called to be  game changers. You must defy the opposition and move forward, launch out into the deep. It is the old Star Trek mantra, “Go where no (wo)- man has gone before.”

In order to do this, you must have courage, boldness, and confidence in yourself but more importantly in the direction of God. He will not lead you astray if you include Him in all your plans. The scripture says, “Acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Allow Him to guide you. Then step out! Launch out into the unknown and create a new path as you conquer new territory.

Remember, the status quo is just your launching pad into the greater! God will be with you. Do not let their faces affect you!

God, I thank you for calling your daughters out into unchartered territory. Thank you for using them as pathfinders and creators. In all of their ways, as they acknowledge you, breathe a new trust and confidence in you into them. They have been approved, access has been granted and they will arrive. Amen.

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