A New Place

Do you trust Me? When the ways of the wicked affect the righteous I will prevail. Trust me to restore. You will gain back more than what was lost. People can be cruel when jealousy arises. You will handle more money in 2022 than you have ever experienced..wealth is taking you from a wanting state. My will is being fulfilled. Daily I Am putting the pieces together for you and on your behalf. I Am moving you into purpose with passion.Do not internalize the wrong doing of others. Let it roll off your back like a duck. You will duck every blow of the enemy. He will shoot His best shot and miss. He will fire at your faith and be defeated. He will have others scorn you and you will be a magnet for success. My goodness wull override his gall. Stay humble and gracious. Your will gift will make room as I lead you to this new place.

Do Not Disturb

“Do not let anything disturb your rest. Every disturbance of your peace is a distraction from My power.Rest in Me and trust My promises. I will not cause your foot to be moved. You will have sturdy footing in this season. Stay on the firm foundation and do not stray to a fickle mindset that changes with the wind. Take time to wind down in MY presence and let me wipe the sweat from your brow. There is no toil in me. Rest, My child and watch Me perform miracles on your behalf.”

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