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At Think Right About You, we change your mind and the way you take care of your inner self and your outward appearance. Pamper You is a new division of Think Right About You. We know that beauty starts from within. The healthier and happier you are, the more you will glow. Others will be attracted to your self-confidence. If you would like to enhance your self-care initiatives consider taking advantage of what Pamper You offers:

Skincare, Rejuvenation, Fragrances, Make-Up, and Clinical Solutions. Check out our website:

We offer Mary Kay cosmetics because we believe in the power of the woman! I am very particular about anything I offer my clients, whether behavioral techniques or now beauty products. Mary Kay Cosmetics have been in business since 1963, so the products are tried and true. More importantly, I believe in the mission and the woman who started it all, Mrs. Mary Kay Ash. Our goals are similar: Inspiring the next generation and empowering women to realize their highest potential. Mrs. Ash was doing this before I was born up until the day she died on my birthday. What she accomplished as a beauty mogul and CEO, is what I desire to achieve as a Life Coach and business woman.

A trailblazer who paved the way:

Now, let’s make a difference together!

You can also join me in starting your own business. I encourage my clients to start their own businesses and believe, as Mary Kay Ash, said “You can have it all.” Selling Mary Kay gives you an immediate store and product. You can sign up with me to have your own website for an annual price that is under $40.00! Why not have an online presence for this minimal amount? Yes, this takes all excuses away…

What is stopping you from stepping out into this opportunity to touch the lives of others in a significant way? Selling Mary Kay will open the door for you to expand and express who you are in more ways than one. This will allow you to try something new and become comfortable presenting in front of others.

I want to offer this opportunity as an avenue for financial independence and freedom. If you want to become a consultant, reach out to me at, and I will get you connected and help you build your business at whatever level you would like. This is a non-pressure opportunity.

Or you can support Pamper You!

You can order products with me here at

Each month, 10% of all sales will be donated to an organization that is helping women thrive. Why not support us as we change women’s lives!

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