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Michelle Brown

I am an encourager by nature who uses my innate and experiential insight to help others recognize their gifts and solve problems. I believe we can dance in the storm and find value in the rain. My formal education at West Virginia University laid the foundation for refining my listening and therapeutic skills. My Master of Arts Degree in Counseling has prepared me to therapeutically coach my clients and steer them in the right direction while they hold the wheel, control the speed and determine the destination. I am certified in REBT Mindset Coaching and share evidence-based cognitive skills. Every professional experience I have had to date has prepared me to serve my clients with excellence. My background as a Therapist, working in HR, Social Services/Foster Care, and as a Professor in Higher Education has given me valuable experience and led me to my happy place! I love coaching women who sense they are on the verge of more extraordinary things but need to get unstuck.

I will help you sharpen your emotional intelligence and self-awareness, which will lead you to greater accountability, improved relationships, healthy thinking, and positive belief systems. In this coaching partnership, you will identify your self-sabotaging behaviors and self-imposed obstacles.

Our coaching partnership will allow you to learn proactive and responsive behaviors that enhance your critical thinking and personal development skills, such as goal-setting, time-management, and communication effectiveness. You will experience self-empowerment at a new level and develop thinking strategies that will cause you to advance in your life.

I am committed to help you excel in purpose and create emotional balance while increasing self-love.

What’s holding you back from living your best life? It’s time to find your groove and increase your gains.

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